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Doncaster Calisthenics Club is a non-profit Sporting Club. We are one of the longest-running calisthenics clubs in the Manningham area. Classes run from February through to October.

At Doncaster, pupils can enjoy:

  • Healthy exercise
  • Improving co-ordination and strength
  • Building self-confidence and social skills
  • Performing on stage
  • Making new friends
  • Being part of a team
  • Learning choreographed routines to music
  • Fun weekly classes!

We thank  Rob McDowell Photography for our team photos, and  Lisa Law Photography for our stage photos.

  • Our History

    • 1967:   The Doncaster Calisthenics Club was formed by Mrs Marj Plummer with the assistance of the ladies from the Doncaster Church of Christ.  Classes commenced in the hall of the Doncaster Church of Christ – where it is still held to this day.
    • 1970:   Enrolments reached a record level of 180 girls.
    • 1985:   Mrs Marj Plummer awarded the inaugural Life Membership of Doncaster Calisthenics Club.
    • 1993:   Doncaster Calisthenics Club became Incorporated, officially becoming a non-profit sporting club to benefit the community.
    • 1994:   Mrs Sarah Gaspars (nee Green) awarded the inaugural Marj Plummer Perpetual Trophy.
    • mid-1990’s:  Doncaster’s beloved piano player, Mrs. Marj Hazlett retires.  Club now changing to recorded music for all items.
    • 2006:   Doncaster Calisthenics celebrates its 40th birthday with a huge party including many past Coaches in attendance.  Doncaster have had many coaches since 1967, including Meg Clarkson, Sheryl McArdle, Kerryn Cucinnotta, Lisa Ritchie, Janine McKay, Melinda Hull, Nerida Watts, Kirsten Dey, Kathryn Gogoll, Beth McConnell and Christine Shattock. Our current Coaches are Gayle Rossell, Sarah Gaspars, Columbia Creed, Annalei O’Connor & Magenta Creed.
    • 2014:   Introduction of the Margery Hazlett Memorial Trophy.
    • 2016:  Doncaster Calisthenics celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary!!!
    • 2016:  The inaugural Marj Plummer Memorial Trophy awarded.
  • Life Members

    Doncaster Calisthenics are proud to award Life Membership to people who have shown a high degree of dedication to our Club over a number of years:

    • Marj P
    • Jean F
    • Chris W
    • Marj H
    • Kerrilyn B
    • Janine M
    • Sue L
    • Joy K
    • Rhonda W
    • Judith B
    • Audette D
    • Melinda H
    • Gayle R
    • Danielle W
    • Kathryn G (M)
    • Belinda W
    • Sarah G
    • Paula K
    • Julie F
    • Carolyn D
  • The Marj Plummer Perpetual Trophy

    The Marj Plummer Memorial Trophy is awarded to the Club Member who exhibits an exceptional Club Spirit.

    1994: Sarah G 1995: Kathryn G (M) 1996: Diala M 1997: Jnr Team 1998: Caitlin D 1999: Nerida W
    2000: Paula K 2001: Sarah B 2002: Krissy K 2003: Caitlin E 2004: Lana S 2005: Miranda S
    2006: Jnr Team 2007: Stephanie P 2008: EmmaR& EmmaW 2009: Alessia M 2010: Jnr Team  2011: Nici S
    2012: Terri C-B  2013: Ondrea L  2014: Snr Team  2015: Anastasia K
  • The Marj Plummer Memorial Trophy

    • 2016: Rachel S
    • 2023: Ruby Y
  • The Margery Hazlett Memorial Award

    The Margery Hazlett Memorial Award is presented to a special Tinies team member each year.

    • 2014:  Ruby W
    • 2015: Jantara C
    • 2016: Ashleigh K
    • 2023: Lucy B
  • The Arthur White Memorial Scholarship

    • 2010: Lilly B
    • 2011:  Bella S
    • 2012:  Grace F
    • 2013: Alessia E-N
    • 2014: Quinn & Phoebe L
  • Testimonials

    “The costumes are great and I appreciate not having to actually construct the garments as I’m not an accomplished sewer” – Terri

    “There is a really lovely social ‘community feel’ to the club that makes it great to be a part of” – Heather

    “My husband chose calisthenics as it exposes our daughter to a variety of skills within one lesson” – Erica

    “I was surprised how affordable calisthenics is per lesson compared to similar activities” – Rochelle

    “We enrolled our daughter to build her confidence and have seen a marked difference in this during the year” – a Tinies Mum

    “We find the club very friendly and well organized'” – a Subbies Mum

Our Coaches

Magenta Creed Tinies Lead Coach

  • Level 1 ACF Qualified
  • Working with Children Check & Level 2 First Aid Certificate
  • Previously Assistant for Juniors & Masters at Northcrest CC
  • 20+ years as a Calisthenics Competitor
  • Grade 4 Qualifications in the Calisthenics Skills Program
  • Currently a member of the Doncaster Masters team
  • Also has Jazz, Contemporary & Ballroom experience
  • Occupation: Early Childhood Education
Natalie Lane

Natalie Lane Masters and Inters Lead Coach

  • Level 1 ACF Qualified
  • Working with Children Check & Level 2 First Aid Certificate
  • 30 year plus Calisthenics Competitor
  • 12 years coaching experience in all age groups

Michelle Allen Sub Juniors and Juniors Lead Coach

  • Level 1 ACF qualified
  • Working with Children Check
  • Masters Team Member

Gayle Rossell

  •  Level 1 ACF Qualified
  • Working with Children Check & First Aid Certificate
  • Calisthenics Competitor for over 40 years
  • 30 years coaching experience in all age groups
  • Previously coached at Diamond Creek CC, West Preston CC, and now at Doncaster CC since 1996
  • Awarded Life Membership at Doncaster CC in 2003
  • Awarded Life Membership of the Victoria Calisthenic Coaches Association in 2000
  • Coached DCC Seniors team to a CVI Aggregate win in 2003, and CVI Reserve Aggregate win in 2012